Thursday, May 19, 2011

Arpon making

Apron making got underway at Chez Margie on tuesday evening (not before tea and Queen cakes in honour of the Queen's visit to Ireland). Once the measuring, cutting, and ironing of the Cath Kidston fabric was complete, the sewing machine was put to good use, Val was first up and was delighted with her improved sewing ability.

Bernie surprised everyone with her sewing machine skills, skills she has not utilised for years.

It did not take long before the aprons were complete and ready for the first fitting.

The finished apron looked so modern, with a touch vintage style achieved by adding lace trim.

Both Val and Bernie were so proud of their achievements, and rightly so.

The Margie Team

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sewing and Knitting

Margie was really pleased to spend time sewing with Aoife and Val last tuesday at Chez Margie.

Aoife took to the machine very quickly and was sewing her first ever project in no time. Just look at how beautiful her fingernails are.

Val brought along her new sewing machine and quickly set to work making a log cabin square.

They had a wonderful evening of threading, measuring, cutting, ironing, Bernie too joined in while she was knitting her socks, all laughing and having fun.

Looking forward to the next evening in two weeks.

The Margie Team