Saturday, June 18, 2011

Another successful basketmaking session

Chez Margie was the venue for yet another basketmaking session with Heike in May. Eilish joined the crew for the first time and really got into the experience totally, completing a beautiful basket with handle.

Heike, our master tutor, at work in the kitchen at Chez Margie

Clogagh gets to grips with the willow and the weaving, she made a shopper with a handle. She also ensured the day's success with her excellent culinary skills, providing the scones, jam, bread and cakes.

Sheila, too, is at ease with the craft,completing a beautiful shopper with a handle, she has now completed three sessions.

Margaret got straight in to the weaving at her first sessions, making a basket with a handle also. Visit Margie's Crafts to see the finished baskets, by right clicking the underlined blue title or by clicking here

The Margie Team