Saturday, November 20, 2010

Muzzy's Crafts

Muzzy spent some time relaxing and knitting in the studio today while Margie was catching up on some housework.

During the afternoon Muzzy wanted to try some sewing,she cut a small square, and then spent some time learning about the workings of the machine, the on off switch, threading the needle, the bobbin, the foot, the correct position of the fingers and hands, what to avoid to ensure safe use and finally the pedal and speed.

Before long she was sewing her first little lavender cushion.

She added a ribbon and a button and filled the cushion. She was so happy with her work.

When she grows up she wants to have a Muzzy's Crafts.

What a wonderful compliment.

The Margie Team


  1. What a cutie, and how fun to spend the day creating! Mmmmmm...lavender!

  2. Muzzy is sooo cute! Auntie Margie is an inspiration to a lot of people, including me :)

  3. My aunt aught me to sew the summer I turned 10 -- 40 years ago. We have continued to create together for all these years. Aunts are special people. Well done Muzzy -- and keep creating with Auntie Margie!

  4. Muzzy is well on her way to being an excellent crafter! Good work Margie and Muzzy!XXX