Saturday, October 15, 2011

knitting group

Knitting, a warm stove, chat and a nice cuppa, all make a perfect knitting group session. This was the scene at Chez Margie last season.

Some had been knitting for years and others were beginners. Either way everyone enjoyed the night.

This season the knitting sessions continue at Sheila's place on monday evenings from 6pm. Hope to see you there.

The Margie Team

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Lunch time knitting

Leiny, Margie, Edel, Teresa and Andrea engaged in a spot of lunch time knitting last wednesday. Needles were clicking at a rate of knots as old skills were revived and remembered.

The Margie Team

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Make your own Knitting needles

At one of the Tuesday knitting sessions we had a "make your own knitting needle" workshop, (Aoife demonstrates), we gathered our required materials, selected the lenght and width required.

The cutting was done, sanding, sharpening and sealing, all that is left is for Aoife to glue the ends in place.

Two pairs of needles complete and ready for action.

The Margie Team

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Another successful basketmaking session

Chez Margie was the venue for yet another basketmaking session with Heike in May. Eilish joined the crew for the first time and really got into the experience totally, completing a beautiful basket with handle.

Heike, our master tutor, at work in the kitchen at Chez Margie

Clogagh gets to grips with the willow and the weaving, she made a shopper with a handle. She also ensured the day's success with her excellent culinary skills, providing the scones, jam, bread and cakes.

Sheila, too, is at ease with the craft,completing a beautiful shopper with a handle, she has now completed three sessions.

Margaret got straight in to the weaving at her first sessions, making a basket with a handle also. Visit Margie's Crafts to see the finished baskets, by right clicking the underlined blue title or by clicking here

The Margie Team

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Arpon making

Apron making got underway at Chez Margie on tuesday evening (not before tea and Queen cakes in honour of the Queen's visit to Ireland). Once the measuring, cutting, and ironing of the Cath Kidston fabric was complete, the sewing machine was put to good use, Val was first up and was delighted with her improved sewing ability.

Bernie surprised everyone with her sewing machine skills, skills she has not utilised for years.

It did not take long before the aprons were complete and ready for the first fitting.

The finished apron looked so modern, with a touch vintage style achieved by adding lace trim.

Both Val and Bernie were so proud of their achievements, and rightly so.

The Margie Team

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sewing and Knitting

Margie was really pleased to spend time sewing with Aoife and Val last tuesday at Chez Margie.

Aoife took to the machine very quickly and was sewing her first ever project in no time. Just look at how beautiful her fingernails are.

Val brought along her new sewing machine and quickly set to work making a log cabin square.

They had a wonderful evening of threading, measuring, cutting, ironing, Bernie too joined in while she was knitting her socks, all laughing and having fun.

Looking forward to the next evening in two weeks.

The Margie Team

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Basketmaking in Spring

Another great saturday of Basketmaking at Chez Margie, Heike was in full swing with the crew

Sheila and Aoife set up for the lovely lunch, sheila provided the scones, Margie made the fruit salad and

Bernie brought quiche (one fish and one meat), they were transported in her own hand made basket.

Heike soaked the cane to make it pliable for the bases

The oval bases were absolutely magnificent

Rosie started her first basket

and was putting in the uprights in no time.

Anne marie turned the work into a performance!

Bernie and Sheila were back in action helping each other

First basket complete

Oval shopper with handle

Thank you to Heike, Margie, Bernie, Sheila, Aoife, Annemarie, Edel, Rosie, Des and Sandra for making the crafting day a total success.

The Margie Team

Sunday, January 30, 2011


Basketmaking with Heike started off with an informal chat about willow, its qualities and capabilities. Before long everyone was working on their base.

By tea break (time for Clodagh's scones)everyone had a base complete

Befoe long the uprights were in and everyone was building up their sides.

Margie had to remind everyone to break for lunch all home baked by Clodagh. Pictured here are Annemarie, Edel, Ber and Sandra chatting and enjoying the day.

Then back to work building up more, Ber created this fabulous shape on her first ever basket. Clodagh was weaving intently, took her time, and measured her work carefully. Sheila seated behind, is creating a great shape on her first basket.

Val weaved a beautiful shopper carefully measuring and remeasuring.

Sandra made this beautiful shape on her first basketmaking attempt.

Thank you to Val, Annemarie, Heike, Edel, Clodagh, Sandra, Ber, Bernie and Sheila for all the beautiful work. Eight wonderful baskets all tutored under Heike's expertise.
Check out the lunch menu at Margie's Crafts blog.

The Margie Team

Monday, January 17, 2011

Doll Making Group

The new year crafting got off to a prolific start with a wonderful group of enthuastic and energised women of all ages. Sheila kept the steam irons going and helped Jemima with the pattern making and fabric cutting.

Iris fresh from having finished making a wedding dress inspired everyone with her choice of colours. Detta (who brought along her beautiful original singer machine) and Fiona paired up together to work on their dolls.

Cait, Marianne and Eilish worked in partnership and kept everyone's spirits up with their witty banter and their happy mood.

Margie ensured that everyone kept up with the busy pace. Rosemary filled her doll with loving care, concentrating hard on the job in hand.

By the end of the day the group assembled a beautiful group of Ladies in spectacular dresses.

Well done one and all, truly a day of fabulous creating, a joy to be part of.

The Margie Team