Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Basketmaking in Spring

Another great saturday of Basketmaking at Chez Margie, Heike was in full swing with the crew

Sheila and Aoife set up for the lovely lunch, sheila provided the scones, Margie made the fruit salad and

Bernie brought quiche (one fish and one meat), they were transported in her own hand made basket.

Heike soaked the cane to make it pliable for the bases

The oval bases were absolutely magnificent

Rosie started her first basket

and was putting in the uprights in no time.

Anne marie turned the work into a performance!

Bernie and Sheila were back in action helping each other

First basket complete

Oval shopper with handle

Thank you to Heike, Margie, Bernie, Sheila, Aoife, Annemarie, Edel, Rosie, Des and Sandra for making the crafting day a total success.

The Margie Team

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  1. Oh....what a lovely day Margie...if only I lived nearer!
    Susan x