Sunday, January 30, 2011


Basketmaking with Heike started off with an informal chat about willow, its qualities and capabilities. Before long everyone was working on their base.

By tea break (time for Clodagh's scones)everyone had a base complete

Befoe long the uprights were in and everyone was building up their sides.

Margie had to remind everyone to break for lunch all home baked by Clodagh. Pictured here are Annemarie, Edel, Ber and Sandra chatting and enjoying the day.

Then back to work building up more, Ber created this fabulous shape on her first ever basket. Clodagh was weaving intently, took her time, and measured her work carefully. Sheila seated behind, is creating a great shape on her first basket.

Val weaved a beautiful shopper carefully measuring and remeasuring.

Sandra made this beautiful shape on her first basketmaking attempt.

Thank you to Val, Annemarie, Heike, Edel, Clodagh, Sandra, Ber, Bernie and Sheila for all the beautiful work. Eight wonderful baskets all tutored under Heike's expertise.
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The Margie Team


  1. What a great day that must have been! Cheers to everyone in your part of the world. They are certainly a very talented bunch -- those are beautiful baskets.

  2. Lovely baskets; it is so much fun to work in a large group and even better when delicious food is involved!